Akhila Prasad lives in the backwaters of Kerala, India’s southernmost state.  She loves school, is at the top of her class, and dreams of continuing her education and becoming a nurse.  She’s bright, determined and full of potential, and we'd like to help her realize her dream.

I first met Akhila two years ago when I was filming Monsoon in India.   She and her family live six feet below sea level behind a network of dikes and levees, where they eke out a humble existence farming rice. During the course of our filming, torrential rains caused the levees to burst, destroying Akhila’s home, flooding the rice fields and forcing the family into a resettlement camp.  With the help of friends and through their own hard work, the family rebuilt their home and Akhila returned to school. 

But their lives remain tenuous.  In June, the monsoon season begins again and Akhila returns to school, but her family won’t be able to afford to keep her there much longer.  Traditionally, girls like Akhila have a marriage arranged for them in their late teens.

Akhila has so much potential and it would take so little for us to help her achieve that potential.  Education is the gateway towards empowerment and a better life for girls like Akhila.  With an education, Akhila would have so much to contribute to her community and to the world. 

Please help Akhila realize her dream.  Your contribution will enable her to finish high school and earn her degree in nursing.  The total cost will be about $20,000 (here's a spreadsheet with the breakdown). That’s less than $10 a day to change her world!